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The true beauty of every room in the house lies in the masterfully applied finish carpentry skills to complete any renovation project in Toronto and other GTA areas. Properly installed doors or windows with great looking trimwork around them can undoubtedly be the indication of initial designer’s intent and functionality working in unison. There is no disguising the fact that trimwork (if done properly) can completely transform interiors and emphasise their beauty.

Here at Extreme Renovations we have mastered finish carpentry skills to a great extent. This is why today we offer this particular type of service with confidence. Also, our clients can count on professional advice in choosing the right materials to finish their interiors. We are always happy to help if there is no room in the budget for a designer. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We’ll be happy to help.


XR was hired to do finish carpentry in our home. We needed that final touch at the end of a quite big renovation. XR did a superb job. Their work was outstanding and we have to say we were absolutely taken aback with their performance and final look of our home. We recommend them to anyone looking for a true talent in finish carpentry.

Elisa C. of Toronto